An Arkansas Video Production Company

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Who We Are

We are a group of traveling filmmakers who are passionate about telling stories that matter through video production.


Story First

We are a group of traveling filmmakers who are passionate about telling stories that matter. In an age where information overload is the norm, we pride ourselves in being able to speak directly to the heart in order to make the biggest impact  on our audience.   


Meet the Team

 Cameron McGee – Element Studio, President

Cameron Magee | Owner

Cameron learned the craft of video at a very young age from a seasoned vet in the NWA area. He began using his knowledge and passion to work on video projects around town. By college, he rallied some friends with him so that he could continue working on bigger and bigger projects. Today, this team has grown and evolved into what is now it's own fully-functioning video creation studio.

When he’s not with Element Studio, Cameron has a second business in Northwest Arkansas called avad3 Event Production. When he’s NOT working, he serves on the worship team at his church, and enjoys getting a few miles in on the Razorback greenway.  Nearly every Friday afternoon you can find him with his wife Laura and golden retriever “Mac” enjoying one of many waterfalls the Natural State has to offer.

 Trevor Davis – Element Studio, Cinematographer

Trevor Davis | Production Director

Trevor is Element Studio's Production Director. He's constantly behind the camera, and he'll do just about anything to get the perfect shot. He's had a passion for videography since he was 12 years old. He's got an incredible eye for detail, and he has a knack for understanding what makes a story come alive. 

Trevor is an explorer by nature. This is evident in his work, but it's also evident in the way he spends his free time. Having just moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2015, Trevor already has a growing list of all the best restaurants, coffee spots, book stores, and hiking trails in town. 

Kyle Fossé - Production Director, Videographer, Writer and Video Editor at Element Studio

Kyle Fossé | Production Director

Kyle is one of the newest members of the Element Studio team and has a burning passion for telling stories that connect with the human experience. Having been born, grown up, attended school and attended college all in different countries, Kyle has developed a desire to push past preconceptions and stereotypes and discover what makes people unique, and connects them to one another.

Kyle spends much of his free time juggling a handful of hobbies and passion projects. He enjoys acting on-stage, and is currently writing a screenplay about Syrian refugees, and working on finishing and producing a musical which he wrote in college.