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Welcome to the Element Studio blog! You’re probably wondering what you’re in for. You and me both. The way we're seeing it now, this is going to be a place where Element Studio writes what’s on their minds. Some of this may actually be worthwhile. Some may be rambling nonsense. But maybe, just maybe, it will be interesting enough for someone out there.

We want to start writing blogs about a-whole-lotta topics. We’re a video production company, so most everything will be connected in some way to this field. We’ll be talking about our experiences as a company, behind the scenes info, our thoughts on the industry, gear, movies, the internet, dogs probably, and sooo much moooore. 


If this all sounds interesting to you, stay tuned. We’ll try to update the blog as often as we can. If we’re optimistic, it could be weekly. If we’re pessimistic, it could be monthly. If we’re realistic, it’ll probably be bi-weekly. This is uncharted territory, so…yeah. Seatbelts. 

Here's a few highlights of what life is like at Element Studio.